We offer a unique guarantee that sets us apart from all the other consultancy companies. If we don't deliver what we promised, you simply don't pay. Please see below for the terms and conditions associated with our guarantee.


Guarantee - Terms & Conditions

  1. The Guarantee only applies to the fees associated with the "Implementation Phase" of the service as detailed here. All fees associated with the "Scoping Phase of the service (as detailed here) are due irrespective of whether the guarantee is invoked or not, as per the terms and conditions of the contract between Impact Training Consultancy Health and the Client.
  2. The Implementation Plan defines the resource requirements from the Trust. Any failure to provide the agreed resources automatically invalidates the guarantee.
  3. The guarantee is only valid where Impact Training Consultancy Health's staff have been given full and unequivocal access to all of a Client's Executive Directors including the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Turnaround Director, Director of Finance, Medical Director, HR Director and Director of Nursing (or equivalent).
  4. Any failure by the Chief Executive Officer or any other Executive Director to address a blockage that has been highlighted by Impact Training Consultancy Health in a timely way automatically invalidates the guarantee.
  5. If the guarantee is successfully invoked then the contract between Impact Training Consultancy Health and the Client is terminated with immediate effect and with no provision allowed for any further recourse.